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Our Areas of Practice


The law firm of  Criss Law Group, PLLC, in Dallas, Texas, represents clients in a wide variety of practice areas, including:

  • Health law and representation for professionals. Our firm has a long history representing professionals from all industries, including both the legal profession and medical profession. Additionally, we perform a number of services for our professional clients such as risk management, contract drafting and compliance issues.
  • Wills, trusts and probate. We represent clients in drafting, reviewing and enforcing wills and other estate planning documents, and in providing probate representation.
  • Small-business representation. We help small businesses get on their feet by drafting, reviewing and enforcing their founding documents and providing general counsel services for their ongoing operations.
  • Litigation. We pursue our clients’ interests in civil litigation regarding employment claims, commercial claims, consumer claims, claims defense and business litigation.
  • Personal injury and non-subscriber claims. We help injured people and their families get the medical care and compensation they need after serious accidents, including injuries suffered on the job.

“We want to be your law firm. We can ably represent you in any matter affecting your business.” — The attorneys of Criss Law Group, PLLC

Let Us Be Your Long-Term Lawyers | Criss Law Group, PLLC | 214-347-8195

To discuss your options with an experienced Dallas attorney, contact us online at the law office of Criss Law Group, PLLC, or by calling 214-347-8195.