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What Are Cohabitation Agreements? Do I Need One?

While many couples consider living together an important step on the path to marriage, it is not uncommon for couples to wish to stay together without the formality of a marriage license. In these situations, it is wise to draft a cohabitation agreement with an experienced lawyer.

At Criss Law Group, PLLC, our Dallas cohabitation agreement attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients through the full range of family law matters. We understand the importance of premarital agreements and will work diligently to address every concern you might have. As Texas law is constantly evolving in terms of cohabitation agreements and domestic partnerships, you need an attorney with up-to-date knowledge and experience to guide you through this process.

A cohabitation agreement can cover a wide range of situations, including:

  • Division of assets and debts upon separation
  • Modification or elimination of spousal support
  • Estate planning matters such as drafting wills and trusts
  • Matters relating to child support or child custody
  • Disposition of life insurance benefits

Essentially, a cohabitation agreement can be as general or detailed as the parties desire. It is our goal to ensure that all items in the agreement adhere to current Texas family law and any applicable contractual law.

If you have dissolved your relationship and are facing a legal battle over one or more aspects of your cohabitation agreement, it is crucial to contact a knowledgeable attorney. We will carefully examine the document and provide the legal guidance and representation you need.

At Criss Law Group, PLLC, we don’t put on airs — we solve legal problems. For more information about what our lawyers can do for your family or your business, contact us online or call us at 214-347-8195 or 877-418-1715 toll-free.