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Same-Sex Estate Planning

No matter your health, wealth or age, it is wise to consider what will happen to your assets when you pass away. The only way to adequately prepare and retain control over who gets what is by developing a comprehensive estate plan.

Even though the legislation is evolving to greater benefit to domestic partners, there are still areas where couples need to protect themselves. At Criss Law Group, PLLC, our Dallas same-sex estate planning attorneys have extensive experience in a broad range of financial matters. Do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at our firm to discuss your future wishes and present needs.

Wills And Trusts

If someone dies without a will, Texas probate statutes determine the distribution of his or her assets. These can become complex proceedings if the couple is not formally married. It is not uncommon for blood relatives to dispute a domestic partner’s claim on certain assets or retirement accounts. By working proactively, you can protect your loved one in the event of your untimely death.

Typically, a comprehensive estate plan is centered on documents, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Medical powers of attorney
  • Living wills

Often, the goals of domestic partners are related to attaining the same rights as those enjoyed by married couples. If you have questions regarding your assets, debts or end-of-life decisions, we encourage you to contact our firm. We can answer your questions and provide the legal guidance you need.

At Criss Law Group, PLLC, we don’t put on airs – we solve legal problems. For more information about what our lawyers can do for your business, contact us online or call us at 214-347-8195 or 877-418-1715 toll-free.