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SAPCR- What it is, and what can it address?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Family Law

A, Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship, or “SAPCR” case asks a judge to make a conservatorship, visitation, child support, medical support, and or dental support order for your child. You do not have to have to a lawyer to file or respond to a SAPCR. The issues may seem broad, but these cases can be extremely complicated, and have possibly long-lasting implications involving your finances, relationship with your partner, and even your children. A lawyer can explain your rights and options.  It is very important to talk to a lawyer if any of the following (including many more) are true:

  • You are afraid for your or your children’s safety.
  • Your case is contested (not agreed).
  • The other parent has a lawyer.
  • Your child has a disability.
  • You are not sure about the identity of the child’s father.

Consider these real-world examples of issues we have encountered in our practice that affect countless people every day in America:

Take for example, a parent who was ordered to pay child support, but that parent eventually lost their job due to unforeseen circumstances. What happens to the child support obligation now?

What if the other parent of your child is ordered to pay child support, but it has been 5 years you both agree that the amount that is being paid should be lowered?

Consider that you and your child’s other parent have a toxic relationship, and every time you exchange possession of your child, there is a possibility of a fight. How do you protect yourself, and your rights?

Or what if your spouse dies, and that spouse’s parents (the child’s grandparents) want access or visitation to the child?

Another thing to consider is whether one of your children has disabilities, how does the mental/physical health of your children affect child support, or possession and access?

The big picture here is that a SAPCR is it the legal vehicle in Texas that gets your family law issues in front of a Judge to rule on. Whether you are establishing new procedures, or altering older orders, the type of issues that may be addressed in your particular SAPCR case each carry their own procedures, rules, and facts that an experienced attorney use to get you the results you deserve.

Disclaimer: The legal information presented herein should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. General advice should always be tested by the particular facts and circumstances of each case. Legal advice is almost always case specific. Statues, ordinances, legal procedures, case law and rules of evidence are often revised.