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Month: May 2021

SAPCR- What it is, and what can it address?

A, Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship, or “SAPCR” case asks a judge to make a conservatorship, visitation, child support, medical support, and or dental support order for your child. You do not have to have to a lawyer to file or respond to a SAPCR. The...

Is it time for me to Divorce?

As you can probably imagine, people that contact our office come to us at various stages of their marriages. Prenuptials, happily married, married 30+ years but grew apart, years of infidelity, break down in communications, advice on having more children, considering...

Child custody in Texas, The Big Picture

One of the main issues our family law clients come to us with is “custody”. Usually the questions revolve around who gets custody, which parent gets to decide where the child lives, who is the parent with the final say for major decisions involving the children, and...

Are you even the child’s Father?

Often, clients come to us with issues concerning child support, conservatorship (custody), visitation, health insurance, and other issues involving the children they share with their unmarried or married partner. More times than not though, people tend to overlook...